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Last week with dismay, we described the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s decision in Gross v. Coloplast Corp., et al., 黑龙江福彩网app官方下载 WL 264691 (E.D. Pa. Jan. 17, 黑龙江福彩网app官方下载).   The Gross court (we are resisting the immature cheap shot) “predicted,” in the face of decades of contrary evidence, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would not extend

We would be remiss (and out of character) if we plunged into a discussion of today’s case without a shout-out to “Siba,” the gorgeous black Standard Poodle who won Best in Show at last week’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Regular readers of this blog may recall that we attend Westminster every year and that

We have been accused of using this Blog as our personal travelogue, posting details of our various adventures notwithstanding the tenuous-at-best connections to the case descriptions that follow. Guilty. Today, for example, we wanted to let you know that you should not miss the opportunity for a visit to the hallowed Bluebird Cafe if you

One slushy morning this week, we found ourselves searching for our favorite black duck boots.   We found one and put in on, then, after much rummaging in the dark recesses of our closet, found a second.   At this point, we were on the edge of missing our train, so we put on the second shoe

We write today fresh from a short cruise to celebrate a milestone birthday of the Drug and Device Law Dowager Countess. We view cruising, and the limitations of its inevitable confinement, as the perfect antidote to the often-unrelieved breakneck pace of our daily lives.   And this cruise was no exception. We eschewed shore excursions in

Today we offer another in our series of travel misadventures.   Last weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting the Drug and Device Law Rock Climber (and seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s improvisational hip-hop show) in New York City. We took the train to Philadelphia then to the regional station closest to our 黑龙江福彩网app官方下载.   Here we pause for

We were in western Tennessee last week for an argument.   We stayed at a beautiful and venerable hotel, most famous for twice-daily “march of the ducks.” Every morning, at 11 a.m. sharp (at least 30 minutes after guests have packed the lobby), an elevator door opens, and a uniformed “duck master” leads a perfect procession

A couple of years ago, we were overjoyed to learn that our very favorite old-fashioned Broadway musical was being revived. The lead role – a famously brassy female character – was being played by a famously brassy singer and sometime-actress we believed was perfectly cast.   We bought tickets the day they went on sale, and